Making Moola online

Being a avid internet explorer I have been thru the dark web the deep web the noisy web and the spammy web. All in search of the Holy Grail the Mother load the one most sought of question on the internet. How to make money online.

Yes it is possible to make money only to quit your day job and spend time making moola on the net.

Right of the top if you would type in “make money online” in google your first pop up would be list of 40 different ways of making money online. Now the good thing about making money online in Namibia is that we have a US currency to thank if you make a $ 100 online you would have A +- N$1300 depending on the current exchange rate.

But dew to the fact that we are in Namibia we have some limitations in the making of such moola.

If you would take any of those websites and register whit them to be eligible for payment for the  services  that you render you would be welcomed with a home screen that says “no offers available in your region as of yet” and that’s it all your efforts lost in cyber space……. But wait having gone thru all those steps and flooding my email account with thousands of registration mails. I can safely say that I have found a way to make money online in Namibia. And it’s not a scam this I can say for sure but I would not advise you to quit your job and just go for this as it takes time to grow your online methods you will not be making a $100 bucks a day in you first week or month even, But thru hard work and dedication you can reach the potential of making good money that can help you dream and succeed in your life.

I still have to refine some of the systems but I’m willing to share and I will. For now just like my page comment if you want to and keep looking in I’ll be dropping the bomb shortly. For those of you that are serious about this please comment and ill get back to you with more details but be prepared to do a little bit of work and be dedicated.

Ps this is mostly just for namibians.namibian-dollar-922x614

Best regards the

Mad man From Nam


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