Breake the habit become more

What has become of mankind as we spiral down into the abyss of this never-ending syndrome that is work, Has this display of survival become such a integrate part of our lives that we form habits around it and within in.

hab·it ˈhabət/noun

noun: habit; plural noun: habits

  1. 1.a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”this can develop into a bad habit

Is  not society the blame for this incandescent revival of spiritualist people who are drone’s and robot’s going about their daily lives only to recycle?, And at the end of each day they  reboot into the same cycle they went to slumber from. Awaking to the same system the same subtract of life as the previous day. Have we lost the ability to think for our self’s are we truly free or just part of the machine that is call the circle of life? With the examination of the common garden ant “Lasius niger” one would systematically deduce that this is a creature of habit!, Working each day in a system but not in free will!. But let it not be for me to say but yet for you yourself to take the moment and realize that we have become ants.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.          Albert Einstein”
We are but gears in a larger system of gears working together to form a integrate system of up and down. Time spend in a small room with nothing but a white wall  filled with Photos of vacation to remind you of why you do what you’re doing looking longing for the repeat of that same experience, Just for an escape from the real world when do we realize that life has more meaning than this cruel habit we have created for our self and start living  live, We dream of becoming rich but yet not obtaining wealth leaves us even more confused and focused on our habit as this might be the way to the kingdom of wealth.  No rich person ever became rich by staring at a white wall filed with photos. But by braking the habit of a distracted mind and refocusing the power that lays within to change the world


Break the habit become more!


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