Flesh and bone religion and emtiness

Something that people don’t like to talk about or even look at is religion. People shrug at anything related to the topic. But sex and gruesome clips and images rule the internet the most forwarded messages are related to either something provocative or violence related.

Something that I have always felt very passionate about has been religion and not just Christian religion but any kind of spiritual transcending scripture that leads me into a new direction in life. I am and will always be a Christian that will never change. I have been in bad places and thru tough times but my faith has never been shaken. I can tell you stories about a spiritual encounter where I touched the heaven and of revelation that I have had in my life. Some of these things might seem far fetched but its, not something that I would take likely and make up. There are things that go bump in the night and there are those things that can change your perspective greatly on the topic. In today’s world to stand up and say I’m a Christian is not an easy task to a accomplish. When it come to the Christian faith people are persecuted and judged beyond measure because of their faith. Christians would rather only be seen than heard and unless they are in the confined of the church or with their inner walls they would not openly admit to this.

But in the same essence that I say I am a Christian I do not say that all other religions are rubbish and should not be discussed or even introduced there are those that are a bit different from the traditional ones I have to admit. But this is not the discussion at hand. I am not here to convert anybody into submission. But rather to discuss the possibility of transcending the natural realm and into the spiritual.

The basic is this! We are humans we are flesh and bone of this each and every member of the planet earth is certain. But as long as mankind has been walking on this planet we have gazed upon the stars and fixed our self to the outer limits of our planetary body. It’s because of this longing for something more something extraordinary that we look up.

We look up at those stars and suddenly a whole different world o possibility’s open up in front of us. Imagination sparks from that base desire to create something from the infinite black hole that we find inside our self’s, mankind final journey toward the stars. Elon musk says mankind will walk on mars and I bet you he looked up towards those same stars that you look up to each night. Albert Einstein wanted to travel faster than light and created the law of relativity. All because of that desire to go further than possible. Man has walked on the moon and major advancement towards space travel are happening right this moment. Why it’s not because we are running out-of-place on earth to live but it’s because we want something more and we believe there is more out there.

A most religious fanatic would say that alien are works of the devil they are demonic possession and that demons are walking the earth. We should not go into the blackness of the solar system but stay on earth and pray for salvation. Satan does not live in the confines of space but within the heart of man.

The problem with humanity is that we are evil and lust, there is no other way to say this. We kill and take to better our live all because we focus all our longing on the flesh and bone that we are made from

I had an interesting discussion with a Friend today. We discussed what if when we die we transcend the material world and pass thru to a different plane of existence not necessarily meaning that we go to heaven but a heaven like planned. We as spiritual being travel through space to the origin of humanity?

For now, I’ll leave you with that question but I’ll continue this topic again and take it from there


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