Check this “prisoners of the cycle”

Every person in life has the ability within to become great. But there is something that holds back the untapped capabilities of the human mind. It’s not the lack of intelligent that hold us back, but rather the ability to achieve that holds us back.


From birth we have the basic instincts of the mind which can be found amongst all living creators on the face of the earth.  Eat, sleep, breath, drink and multiply. These are the five basic fundamentals of live that we have to deal with each and every day. From the dawn of mankind these five basic things ruled the living. To achieve these things we had to learn how to hunt so we can eat. We had to learn how to build so we could stay warm and sleep well and we needed to make fire too cook. As time progress and the population got bigger we develop new skills such as farming and cultivating barren pieces of land to grow crops. These skills that we developed were created out of necessity and the need to keep living its has become instinct rather than skill. And as time progressed and food became harder to find a place to lay our head and shelter for you and your family mankind had to learn how to attain these things yet again.

One might say that due to the need for these basic things we have developed the future as we know it today.  If we had food laying around in abundance and everything was just there that we needed. We would have never developed into a society and had technological advancement.

Imagine Curiosity!

Curiosity What a interesting word and how much it has done for mankind. The mind that looks past the need to eat sleep shit and drink and looks up at the stars and thinks what lies beyond. The mind that looked at the raw piece of meat it was about to eat and said I wonder how this would taste if laid it  over the fire. When your mind expands and feels the need to find out how thing work and how they can be improved upon that is the key to unlocking the limitless potential of the human mind. What has happened that we have become prisoners of the cycle?

Due to the large and rapid increase of the population we as humans have started to fight harder and harder for existence and the space to live in. we are now more than ever more concerned about staying alive than ever, a job has become a life line a necessity so that a  source of income is always available.

Money has become the most needed thing on this planet it surpass the need for all else. Due to the fact that with it we can attain all that we need. And it’s because of this that the human mind has become stagnant so to say. We learned and study to get the skills necessary to do a specify task that would give us a certain stream of income and these skill that we acquire are uniform it’s not a given talent a specified skill only available to you but to many.   So imagination has become redundant and curiosity dies out with puberty as we grow to work and slave to become prisoners of the cycle .