Flesh and bone religion and emtiness

Something that people don’t like to talk about or even look at is religion. People shrug at anything related to the topic. But sex and gruesome clips and images rule the internet the most forwarded messages are related to either something provocative or violence related.

Something that I have always felt very passionate about has been religion and not just Christian religion but any kind of spiritual transcending scripture that leads me into a new direction in life. I am and will always be a Christian that will never change. I have been in bad places and thru tough times but my faith has never been shaken. I can tell you stories about a spiritual encounter where I touched the heaven and of revelation that I have had in my life. Some of these things might seem far fetched but its, not something that I would take likely and make up. There are things that go bump in the night and there are those things that can change your perspective greatly on the topic. In today’s world to stand up and say I’m a Christian is not an easy task to a accomplish. When it come to the Christian faith people are persecuted and judged beyond measure because of their faith. Christians would rather only be seen than heard and unless they are in the confined of the church or with their inner walls they would not openly admit to this.

But in the same essence that I say I am a Christian I do not say that all other religions are rubbish and should not be discussed or even introduced there are those that are a bit different from the traditional ones I have to admit. But this is not the discussion at hand. I am not here to convert anybody into submission. But rather to discuss the possibility of transcending the natural realm and into the spiritual.

The basic is this! We are humans we are flesh and bone of this each and every member of the planet earth is certain. But as long as mankind has been walking on this planet we have gazed upon the stars and fixed our self to the outer limits of our planetary body. It’s because of this longing for something more something extraordinary that we look up.

We look up at those stars and suddenly a whole different world o possibility’s open up in front of us. Imagination sparks from that base desire to create something from the infinite black hole that we find inside our self’s, mankind final journey toward the stars. Elon musk says mankind will walk on mars and I bet you he looked up towards those same stars that you look up to each night. Albert Einstein wanted to travel faster than light and created the law of relativity. All because of that desire to go further than possible. Man has walked on the moon and major advancement towards space travel are happening right this moment. Why it’s not because we are running out-of-place on earth to live but it’s because we want something more and we believe there is more out there.

A most religious fanatic would say that alien are works of the devil they are demonic possession and that demons are walking the earth. We should not go into the blackness of the solar system but stay on earth and pray for salvation. Satan does not live in the confines of space but within the heart of man.

The problem with humanity is that we are evil and lust, there is no other way to say this. We kill and take to better our live all because we focus all our longing on the flesh and bone that we are made from

I had an interesting discussion with a Friend today. We discussed what if when we die we transcend the material world and pass thru to a different plane of existence not necessarily meaning that we go to heaven but a heaven like planned. We as spiritual being travel through space to the origin of humanity?

For now, I’ll leave you with that question but I’ll continue this topic again and take it from there


Check this “prisoners of the cycle”

Every person in life has the ability within to become great. But there is something that holds back the untapped capabilities of the human mind. It’s not the lack of intelligent that hold us back, but rather the ability to achieve that holds us back.


From birth we have the basic instincts of the mind which can be found amongst all living creators on the face of the earth.  Eat, sleep, breath, drink and multiply. These are the five basic fundamentals of live that we have to deal with each and every day. From the dawn of mankind these five basic things ruled the living. To achieve these things we had to learn how to hunt so we can eat. We had to learn how to build so we could stay warm and sleep well and we needed to make fire too cook. As time progress and the population got bigger we develop new skills such as farming and cultivating barren pieces of land to grow crops. These skills that we developed were created out of necessity and the need to keep living its has become instinct rather than skill. And as time progressed and food became harder to find a place to lay our head and shelter for you and your family mankind had to learn how to attain these things yet again.

One might say that due to the need for these basic things we have developed the future as we know it today.  If we had food laying around in abundance and everything was just there that we needed. We would have never developed into a society and had technological advancement.

Imagine Curiosity!

Curiosity What a interesting word and how much it has done for mankind. The mind that looks past the need to eat sleep shit and drink and looks up at the stars and thinks what lies beyond. The mind that looked at the raw piece of meat it was about to eat and said I wonder how this would taste if laid it  over the fire. When your mind expands and feels the need to find out how thing work and how they can be improved upon that is the key to unlocking the limitless potential of the human mind. What has happened that we have become prisoners of the cycle?

Due to the large and rapid increase of the population we as humans have started to fight harder and harder for existence and the space to live in. we are now more than ever more concerned about staying alive than ever, a job has become a life line a necessity so that a  source of income is always available.

Money has become the most needed thing on this planet it surpass the need for all else. Due to the fact that with it we can attain all that we need. And it’s because of this that the human mind has become stagnant so to say. We learned and study to get the skills necessary to do a specify task that would give us a certain stream of income and these skill that we acquire are uniform it’s not a given talent a specified skill only available to you but to many.   So imagination has become redundant and curiosity dies out with puberty as we grow to work and slave to become prisoners of the cycle .

Breake the habit become more

What has become of mankind as we spiral down into the abyss of this never-ending syndrome that is work, Has this display of survival become such a integrate part of our lives that we form habits around it and within in.

hab·it ˈhabət/noun

noun: habit; plural noun: habits

  1. 1.a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”this can develop into a bad habit

Is  not society the blame for this incandescent revival of spiritualist people who are drone’s and robot’s going about their daily lives only to recycle?, And at the end of each day they  reboot into the same cycle they went to slumber from. Awaking to the same system the same subtract of life as the previous day. Have we lost the ability to think for our self’s are we truly free or just part of the machine that is call the circle of life? With the examination of the common garden ant “Lasius niger” one would systematically deduce that this is a creature of habit!, Working each day in a system but not in free will!. But let it not be for me to say but yet for you yourself to take the moment and realize that we have become ants.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.          Albert Einstein”
We are but gears in a larger system of gears working together to form a integrate system of up and down. Time spend in a small room with nothing but a white wall  filled with Photos of vacation to remind you of why you do what you’re doing looking longing for the repeat of that same experience, Just for an escape from the real world when do we realize that life has more meaning than this cruel habit we have created for our self and start living  live, We dream of becoming rich but yet not obtaining wealth leaves us even more confused and focused on our habit as this might be the way to the kingdom of wealth.  No rich person ever became rich by staring at a white wall filed with photos. But by braking the habit of a distracted mind and refocusing the power that lays within to change the world


Break the habit become more!

Making Moola online

Being a avid internet explorer I have been thru the dark web the deep web the noisy web and the spammy web. All in search of the Holy Grail the Mother load the one most sought of question on the internet. How to make money online.

Yes it is possible to make money only to quit your day job and spend time making moola on the net.

Right of the top if you would type in “make money online” in google your first pop up would be list of 40 different ways of making money online. Now the good thing about making money online in Namibia is that we have a US currency to thank if you make a $ 100 online you would have A +- N$1300 depending on the current exchange rate.

But dew to the fact that we are in Namibia we have some limitations in the making of such moola.

If you would take any of those websites and register whit them to be eligible for payment for the  services  that you render you would be welcomed with a home screen that says “no offers available in your region as of yet” and that’s it all your efforts lost in cyber space……. But wait having gone thru all those steps and flooding my email account with thousands of registration mails. I can safely say that I have found a way to make money online in Namibia. And it’s not a scam this I can say for sure but I would not advise you to quit your job and just go for this as it takes time to grow your online methods you will not be making a $100 bucks a day in you first week or month even, But thru hard work and dedication you can reach the potential of making good money that can help you dream and succeed in your life.

I still have to refine some of the systems but I’m willing to share and I will. For now just like my page comment if you want to and keep looking in I’ll be dropping the bomb shortly. For those of you that are serious about this please comment and ill get back to you with more details but be prepared to do a little bit of work and be dedicated.

Ps this is mostly just for namibians.namibian-dollar-922x614

Best regards the

Mad man From Nam

Afrikaans my taal

Afrikaans was nog altyd ‘n taal wat in enige gesprek deur sy eie gewig gedefinieer is.

Ek sou sê dat ek sterker woordeskatsterkte in Engels het as wat ek in Afrikaans het. As gevolg van die feit dat alles wat ons doen, in die Engelse taal gedoen word. Maar tog voel ek dat Afrikaans ‘n kollig verdien, maar om te sê dat ek ook moet bely dat die Afrikaanse taal nie die regte McCoy is nie. Ongelukkig as gevolg van multikulturele en etniese groepe wat binne ‘n gegewe samelewing woon. Enige taal sal mettertyd ly, aangesien nuwe woorde deur jonger geslagte geskep word en as die geslag op daardie oorsprong van die oorspronklike taal gaan, sal dit verlore raak. Dit is selde dat ek hoor dat mense die Afrikaanse taal korrek praat. Nie dat ek so vaardig is in die taal dat ek sou weet nie. Maar dit is deur myself nie te weet nie dat ek die verskille kan hoor op die manier waarop mense praat wanneer dit gepraat word.

Hier is die geskiedenis van Afrikaans uit Wikipedia


Writing and self publishing.

I created my book about photography with the Pentax ME as an experiment in self-publishing. (If you’d like to buy one, either paper or PDF, click here.) After all, the Internet and print-on-demand technology mean you no longer need a traditional publisher. You can do it all yourself: writing, layout, marketing. But that’s the rub: you […]

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On book blogging expectations vs. reality

When your new in the game of blogging you need all the information you can get and post like this are the best resources of how to overcome

When I started blogging, I expected so many things to happen. Some did. Some others didn’t. I thought of the way blogging was supposed to be, when I was just a young blogger having created this little corner of the internet a couple days ago and trying to figure out just how I was supposed to do this thing. And now here I am, two years later, wondering just what the f*** happened to these expectations. Blogging is, in our minds, a lot of different things. It takes loads of different shapes, but one thing is for sure: now that I’ve seen and experimented blogging from the inside, I can say with certainty, oh, boy, was I wrong about blogging.

What changed? Maybe we should make a list.

I thought book blogging would be easy.

Ha.Ha.Ha. Book blogging is everything but easy. There are so many different…

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Exploring the deep dark net the 96% nobody knows about.

I enjoy spending time on the internet and it has become a great pass time for me. Unlike many people whom spend most of their time on social media platforms I find myself exploring other regions of the internet.

The internet we see every day the one where we look at the quick recipe or  that YouTube video or browsing through our face book page manage twitter feeds and LinkedIn connections and so much more. The often wondering question that we quickly google during that 5 minute brake to refocus our self’s on the job at and or wanting to know how to do a specific thing, we use the internet and get the answers we are looking for some time helpful sometimes not so helpful. That core that we interact with each day believe it or not that only makes up 4 % of what’s on the internet that leave a woping 96 % that has yet to be explore

Now I hear you asking that question of where the rest is and how come I can’t access it. Now to some of you reading this you might already know the answer but to those that do not know its call the dark net and the dark net is not something that you should go messing about if you don’t know how to go about getting the information you need. Besides from nasty viruses that can be picked up during the browsing of it thru your internet browser. There are a lot of things within the dark web that you might not want to see. It’s called the dark net for a reason.

People that you don’t want to be having knocking on your door might be if you’re searching for the wrong things on the internet

Everything on the internet is defined by address that’s how the internet works. Every website has a IP address regardless if it a Mach address or ivp4/6 address it has to have this unique number in order to be indexed on the net. Now that you know that it would be accurate to assume that your computer also has the same address or id number if you will. This id number logs on to any website that you explore thru your internet browser application. That critical information can be used to track you internet activity, every server that you log on to marks you IP address. Now when exploring the deep web or dark net so to speak. Your IP address enters into the red zone if you would call it that. Now the powers that be would have created certain protocols that runs within the confine of the internet. These protocol search for specific activity’s random words and segments of data anything that fall within the criteria that their parameters operate in, will be flagged and if these parameter consist within your search criteria then you IP address is flagged and listed some were. Now in the same time when this happen a different program protocol  Executes this program specifically monitors your IP address  and record all your search information and internet activity and if your history indicated that you might be up to no good you will have some rather unexpected guest looking into your life.

Now as I began the start of this article I mentioned that I love spending time on the internet. So the question is do I go about exploring the dark web. Yes I do but I do it in confidence of knowing I’m not traceable.

What you need to take into account is how to hide your IP. You go about doing this by using a VPN

Virtual private network most large corporation have their own VPN servers that keep hackers from getting inside their networks not that it helps but non the less it called concealing you IP

“Conceal your IP address with a VPN. Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a connectivity to another network, and when connected your computer receives a new IP address from a VPN provider. Every traffic from your computer routes through the VPN network, so your true IP address assigned by your ISP is hidden. “ What this in return means is that you might be on the net from your home country Namibia but because your rooting your IP Address thru a VPN on the other side your country information could be somewhere in India. What most individuals do witch go about their days doing devious things on the internet. They have a list of 100’s of VPN that they hack into. This is usually done by a remote software program that runs in the background this system jumps from one VPN to another VPN making their digital footprint virtually untraceable as their main IP address is lost within thousands of thousands of regular users. For what you might now they could be using your IP right now to upload porn or make a snuff film of some sorts.

Anyways have fun exploring the internet and remember don’t go where you’re not supposed to

Someone might be watching you.